“Sharing Christ’s love by providing basic needs and a fresh start”

Our Programs

Christian Service Center

The Christian Service Center maintains a food pantry for those who have food insecurity. The pantry relies on donations of money and food. Most of the food given through the pantry is purchased from the Food Bank of Abilene; it is supplemented by various churches who conduct food drives to stock the pantry. At least 20 pounds of food is given to each person requesting assistance.

1,399 food orders were filled during 2015, providing food for hungry people in Abilene.
The Fresh Start Program offers assistance through Work for Shelter to people who are transitioning back into society from incarceration or through recovery programs. Through this program, people are offered a one-time, weekly rent payment at a local shelter or half-way program in exchange for 12 hours of volunteer work at the Christian Service Center. Fresh Start provides a means of immediate financial assistance, while allowing the client the opportunity to give back to their new community through volunteer service. While volunteering at the Christian Service Center, people are offered support through acceptance and spiritual nurture, job referrals, and referrals to agencies that can further their success in transitioning back into a healthy life.

The Fresh Start Program continues to evolve as we reach out to and encourage our neighbors toward healthy, independent lifestyles, while embracing them with the love shown to us by Jesus Christ.
OBJ began in 1967 as a means of providing new blue jeans for children in elementary and middle school. The program begins in July. Families make appointments to get new school clothes for their children.

Elementary children receive:
  • 1 pair of new blue jeans
  • 5 pairs of new underwear and socks
  • 1 string backpack & “Success Kit”
    2 pens, 4 pencils, a highlighter, a bookmark, a large eraser, hand sanitizer, Kleenex tissues, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a comb
  • new school supplies

Middle School students receive:
  • 2 standard polo style shirts
  • 2 pairs of dress pants or a skirt
  • 1 string backpack and “Success Kit”
    2 pens, 4 pencils, a highlighter, a bookmark, a large eraser, hand sanitizer, Kleenex tissues, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a comb
  • 12 Tips to Succeed in Middle School
  • 15 Parent Tips to Help Your Middle School Student Succeed
418 children received new jeans, middle school uniforms and Success Kits through Operation Blue Jeans in 2015. In addition, 857 students received school supplies.
In 1972 a blanket drive was begun to collect blankets for families. The program has evolved and now provides not only blankets, but heaters for homes with inadequate heat. During the hot Texas summer and early fall, CSC makes fans available to individuals and families who lack air conditioning in their homes.

Hundreds of blankets were provided to the needy in 2015. 161 people received new fans to help cool their homes. 90 heaters were given to families with inadequate heat in their homes.
CSC offers Bibles to any client who requests one. Staff and volunteers will also pray for or with clients if they request prayer.

In 2015 CSC provided hundreds of Bibles to adults, and 211 Bibles to young children. Every person who came to CSC was treated with respect and offered help with tangible items and hope through spiritual comfort and prayers.
This program offers financial assistance for individuals and families who come to CSC with immediate financial needs. The program includes, but is not limited to: emergency assistance with gas vouchers, bus passes, prescriptions, rent and utility help and dental assistance. CSC depends on our donors to to be able to help our neighbors with these emergency needs.

In 2015...
  • 86 people received assistance with rent.
  • 34 people received medical prescriptions.
  • 184 people received gas vouchers.
  • 55 people received free dental help at local dentists.
  • 37 people had help from CSC to pay their utilities.
  • 1,195 bus passes were given to people in Abilene.
Through donations and some purchases, CSC is able to help a family stock a kitchen with items that ensure families have the ability to prepare food. The agency also supplies towels and linens when needed, as well as other household items which are donated.

In 2015...
  • 409 people received kitchen supplies from CSC.
  • 55 car seats were given to parents with babies or toddlers.
Each year thousands of toys are donated to the Christian Service by generous donors. The toys are assembled by wonderful volunteers, “The Toy Ladies”, who organize and decorate themed baskets for the children who come to CSC for assistance. Many of the toys CSC receives are set aside to give to families during the Christmas season, as well as during other holiday seasons such as Halloween and Easter. The Christian Service Center is also able to share hundreds of toy baskets with a number of our community partners.