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Christian Service Center

Spring Program Fund Drive

The Christian Service Center helps thousands of people who struggle as a result of economic insecurity. During the spring, the Christian Service Center hosts the Spring Program Renewal Drive to fund all of our programs for the year. This year, the program renewal drive begins April 1, 2018 and goes through July 31, 2018. We hope you will look at the Programs section and read about the ways your contributions are helping people in Abilene who have great needs.

Abilene Gives - May 1, 2018

Fall Event - SAVE THE DATE
TUESDAY, SEPT. 18, 2018

Dinner at the Abilene Convention Center ~ Dr. Anne R. Bradley, Speaker For the Least of These - A Biblical Answer to Poverty

Your Financial Freedom Classes

Budgeting and Money Management Classes
The first course is scheduled for: Tuesdays - Feb. 13, 15, 20 & 22. 5:30 to 7:30
For Information Call 325-673-7531

The New CSC Bargain Room

Having been inspired by the messages of Bob Lupton, who calls those helping the poor to avoid “toxic charity,” the Christian Service Center has opened another avenue for helping people.

A new Bargain Room is now open Wednesday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm. CSC will sell quality goods at very reasonable prices. We will sell those items which will not fit into the donation area, or items which our neighbors may not need or want.

The proceeds gained from the Bargain Room will help us purchase goods which CSC is always in need of – such as towels and kitchen items. We opened our Bargain Room the first week of November and it was an immediate hit! One of our first customers, a gentleman on disability, began his Christmas shopping, purchasing toys and other gifts for friends and family. He shared with staff and volunteers how much he appreciated “our great deals”.

As CSC takes another step towards what we call “responsible charity”, we will move our annual Christmas Room into the new Bargain Room. Rather than giving our neighbors a handout of Christmas decorations or gifts, whenever neighbors inquire about Christmas gifts, we’ll refer them to the new Bargain Room – where they can purchase toys, gifts for adults and decorations for very reasonable prices.

We believe it is healthy to offer people the dignity of letting them purchase toys for their children, as well as other gifts and decorations, rather than just receiving a donation or handout from CSC. Bob Lupton calls this reciprocity “the magic of exchange.” In his four decades of poverty ministry he has found that most people value giving something for a good or service.

As Bob Lupton says, most people appreciate a bargain much more than a handout! We are proud to provide this new avenue for meeting needs for individuals and families in Abilene. We invite you to come and see what CSC has in store for you in the Bargain Room.