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Capital Campaign

The Future Home of The Christian Service Center of Abilene, Inc.

The Christian Service Center of Abilene has been serving people in need at 901 Mesquite Street for 47 years. This location has been an oasis for people who struggle because of financial difficulties. We are proud to have had the opportunity to share God’s blessings and love from this place for so many years.

In the spring of 2013, through the generous gift, the Christian Service Center became the owners of the building formerly known as the Woodlawn Church of Christ, located at 3187 North 10th Street.

In order to transform the former Woodlawn Church building into a new home for the Christian Service Center, the Board and staff of CSC embarked on a campaign to raise money to renovate the building to serve as the new home for CSC. The fund raising portion of the campaign was completed in the early spring of 2014. This fall the design process for the future home of CSC was completed. We are eagerly looking toward the New Year when we expect to the renovation at 3187 N. 10th Street to be in full swing.

We invite you to drive by and watch the progress of bringing this building to life as the new location of the Christian Service Center of Abilene. For fifty years, CSC has served Abilene’s needy. As we move forward, CSC will continue to offer material goods to help sustain and support individuals and families with great needs. We will keep adding components to our work to help people deal with and change the circumstances of their lives.

The advantages to this new location include:
  • More Central Location - The location on N. 10th Street is much more accessible than our former location.
  • Easier Access - The building is near major streets and bus routes and provides ample parking.
  • Expanded Area for Additional Support Services - The square footage will more than double that of our current location, with more room for our current services and space to begin new ministries. An expanded multi- purpose room will be used for teaching, training and serving our neighbors.

    Through this Capital Campaign to renovate the Woodlawn facility, the Christian Service Center has an opportunity to provide a major center of relief to those in our community affected by poverty. The Board of Directors and staff are very excited and invite the community to join us as we work to assist those living in poverty to make fundamental changes in poverty in Abilene.

    Because of the generous donation of individuals and foundations, we reached our goal! Thanking God, we are grateful to each of you who gave.

    Thank you for partnering with us in caring for the needs of low-income people in Abilene.

    “Whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” – Proverbs 14:31

The New CSC Bargain Room

Having been inspired by the messages of Bob Lupton, who calls those helping the poor to avoid “toxic charity,” the Christian Service Center has opened another avenue for helping people.

A new Bargain Room is now open Wednesday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm. CSC will sell quality goods at very reasonable prices. We will sell those items which will not fit into the donation area, or items which our neighbors may not need or want.

The proceeds gained from the Bargain Room will help us purchase goods which CSC is always in need of – such as towels and kitchen items. We opened our Bargain Room the first week of November and it was an immediate hit! One of our first customers, a gentleman on disability, began his Christmas shopping, purchasing toys and other gifts for friends and family. He shared with staff and volunteers how much he appreciated “our great deals”.

As CSC takes another step towards what we call “responsible charity”, we will move our annual Christmas Room into the new Bargain Room. Rather than giving our neighbors a handout of Christmas decorations or gifts, whenever neighbors inquire about Christmas gifts, we’ll refer them to the new Bargain Room – where they can purchase toys, gifts for adults and decorations for very reasonable prices.

We believe it is healthy to offer people the dignity of letting them purchase toys for their children, as well as other gifts and decorations, rather than just receiving a donation or handout from CSC. Bob Lupton calls this reciprocity “the magic of exchange.” In his four decades of poverty ministry he has found that most people value giving something for a good or service.

As Bob Lupton says, most people appreciate a bargain much more than a handout! We are proud to provide this new avenue for meeting needs for individuals and families in Abilene. We invite you to come and see what CSC has in store for you in the Bargain Room.