“Sharing Christ’s love by providing basic needs and a fresh start”


Christian Service Center

This is a faith-based ministry, as we depend on the Lord to provide all our needs for serving the poor.  You can make a tax deductible, secure donation through our Pay Pal account.

Giving Tuesday – 1st Tuesday after Thanksgiving

On Giving Tuesday, please give to support work that makes Abilene a great place to call home - for everyone. Thank you for helping CSC help others help themselves!

You may donate online or by sending your gift to:
P.O. Box 2957
Abilene, TX 79604

Mid-Year Thoughts

The Christian Service Center’s mission is to share Christ’s love by providing basic needs and a fresh start. Through our work, we meet wonderful people with beautiful stories, like Krista who came to volunteer at CSC. During her time with us, she learned a lot about the processes CSC uses in our clothing rooms. After volunteering for a couple of weeks, Krista shared that she had taken the knowledge and experience gained at CSC to set up a clothing room for a ministry for women where she has gone to work!

Lela, another person who came to CSC, requested help because she was without work. A short time later, she was hired by a local grocery store. One of our long time volunteers happened to go into the store where Lela worked and while there, asked if he could get a couple of extra paper sacks for the Christian Service Center. It happened that Lela was the person with whom he spoke! Upon hearing he was a volunteer at CSC, she shared that she had recently received help at our agency. Because she had received care and support, she wanted to “give back” to CSC. Lela asked her store manager if she could give the CSC volunteer extra grocery sacks; he generously agreed and a large stack of paper bags were given to CSC. Those sacks were used by our neighbors to carry the supplies they receive from CSC.

Sammy came to us late one afternoon. She had no job, no place to stay and no plans in place for what to do. CSC was able to pay for a safe room that night, and our staff discussed various options and ideas for putting a plan into place for her immediate future. The staff showed genuine concern and compassion for Sammy, but her life is filled with scarcity and uncertainty. She needs much more than the basic necessities, so we will continue to offer prayers on her behalf and hope she will return again. Sometimes moving forward is a slow process.

The Christian Service Center relies on your giving throughout the year to provide assistance for neighbors like Krista, Lela and Sammy. Often times our neighbors pay it forward and go on to help others. Sometimes our neighbors needs exceed our abilities to help them make substantive changes. But every challenge is an opportunity to impact a life for Christ, and that is why CSC is here.

As you consider year end giving for 2015, we hope you will put faces with the services CSC offers. We hope you might recognize some of the people we serve, as your neighbors too.

Thank you for helping us help our neighbors in Abilene!

During 2015, about 100 hundred volunteers gave nearly 17,000 hours of their time to stock the food pantry, fill food orders, sort, mend and wash clothing, sort household items and box up dishes and pans, package linens and lovingly listen to stories of broken lives and broken dreams. They offered prayers of hope, and referrals to opportunities for work or additional support.

We hope you will carefully consider supporting the Christian Service Center and the many program areas we offer to assist people who struggle because of poverty.

Your Gift Matters!
  • $40.00 will buy 1 set of back-to-school clothes and a Success Kit for an elementary student
  • $50.00 will provide groceries for two families for one week.
  • $100.00 will buy more than 50 Large Print New Testaments
  • $150.00 will buy 10 electric heaters for winter weather
  • $200.00 will assist two families with rental help
  • $250.00 will purchase 100 one-day bus passes
  • $300.00 will help CSC provide transportation for 1 month
  • $350.00 will provide 35 new blankets
  • $400.00 will provide 5 people with a week’s rent in a half–way house
  • $450.00 will allow us to assist 6 people with utility payments
  • $500.00 will allow CSC to provide responsible solutions for 6 people in transitional housing

You can ensure the Christian Service Center continues assisting people long into the future with a stroke of a pen.

Today, poverty in Abilene is at an all-time high. With 18 - 20% of our community living below the poverty level, the assistance CSC provides is a major source of relief for our neighbors in Abilene.

Through a charitable bequest in your will or a living trust, you can ensure that CSC will continue providing measured help to the poor and needy of this area. This thoughtful act, which has little or no current financial impact on you, may result in the largest and most lasting one-time gift you ever make to the Service Center.

The Christian Service Center offers a variety of ways to make your commitment:

  • Retirement Plans: Designate CSC to receive all or part of what remains of your retirement plan after your death. Such transfers can be very tax-efficient ways of making a gift. For example, heirs may receive as little as 30% of a retirement plan from a large estate after estate tax and income tax. CSC would receive all of it tax-free.
  • Insurance Policies: Designate CSC to receive all or part of a life insurance policy. Ask you insurance company for a beneficiary designation form. Charitable Bequest: Instruct your attorney to add a charitable bequest for Christian Service Center to your estate plan for a specific amount, a specific property, or for a percentage of the estate.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Call CSC for a confidential analysis of the tax and income benefits available to you and your family through a charitable remainder trust.
You may direct your bequest to a special area of interest, or you may direct staff and board to allocate your gift to the area most needed.

For confidential information on making a planned gift commitment to the Christian Service Center of Abilene, contact:
Jim Clark, Director - 325-673-7531
Karen Dansby, Development Officer - 325-673-7531
You can leave a legacy and provide for the long-term future of the organization.

The Christian Service Center Endowment Fund has been established at the Community Foundation of Abilene. These funds set aside for ongoing maintenance and program expenses will allow CSC to maintain programs through lean years without an interruption or loss of the programs which we know help families who struggle because of poverty. The deferred maintenance fund will provide a safety net for unexpected costs, or for ongoing upkeep of the facilities.

CSC Endowment Goal

Deferred Maintenance Fund - $ 300,000

Programs Fund - $ 700,000

For confidential information on making a planned gift commitment to the Christian Service Center of Abilene, contact:
Jim Clark, Director - 325-673-7531
Karen Dansby, Development Officer - 325-673-7531