“Sharing Christ’s love by providing basic needs and a fresh start”

About us

Christian Service Center

Serving the needy in Abilene since 1965. Christian Service Center serves an average of 175 people a week, or over 9531 per year. We seek to provide services to anyone in need, and support those in poverty without creating a climate of dependency.

The Christian Service Center was organized in December 13, 1965 under the direction of the Sixteenth and Vine Street Church of Christ elders. By January 1967 the work had grown to include four other congregations, each assuming some financial responsibility. With the continuing growth of the program, Sixteenth and Vine Church, according to their original plan, turned the oversight and major financial responsibilities over to the University Church of Christ, then the College Church, on May 1, 1968. That same year the facility was moved to its present location, 901 Mesquite Street, housed in old Camp Barkeley barracks donated by ACU. The buildings were renovated and the work flourished. By the end of 1968, over $28,000 in clothing, cash, other supplies and services were distributed.

Jessie Eubanks was the first director, serving for one year, followed by the five-year leadership of Mrs. Peg Leverett Smith. She began Operation Blue Jeans, launched mainly as a result of a group of Abilene Christian College students’ donation of funds to purchase new jeans for needy children. This has been one of the most successful and popular programs over the years. In 1972, Paul Garrett became director of the Center. He initiated the Feed the Hungry program, “Operation Under Cover” (blanket drives) and an annual drive to collect and donate school supplies to low-income elementary and middle school children. He served in this role for thirty years and was succeeded in June of 2003 by the present director, Jim Clark.

The Christian Service Center has become a significant provider to low-income people in Abilene who are in need of the basic essentials. In 2013, CSC embarked on a capital campaign to fund the renovation of a much larger building for this ministry. On April 3, 2017, the new location of the Christian Service Center opened at 3185 N. 10 th St. The new facility is well equipped for serving more of our neighbors in Abilene and has provided the opportunity to add new services which can help people who are dealing with issues of economic insecurity and poverty.

Local churches, individuals, private foundations and service clubs in Abilene help support the work of the Christian Service Center.

Jim Clark

Executive Director

Karen Dansby

Development Officer

Cheryl Alexander

Office Manager

Roberta Brown

Volunteer Coordinator

Rose Ann Martin


Patsy Watson



Donation Manager


YFFC Teacher & Resource Coordinator



Chip Whitlock, Board Chair

PSC/Tittle Luther, Architect Professional

Jim McNiece, Secretary

Christian Homes and Family Services, Development Director

David Lawrence, Treasurer, CPA

etired CFO Ab-Tex Beverages

Larry Bell

Retired Chief Abilene Fire Department

Phillip Derrick

Retired Business Owner

Bo Green

Retired Math Professor, ACU

Stacey McGee, CPA

Roberts & McGee, CPA

Mrs. Naoma Parks

Community Volunteer

Walt Worgull

RW Services, Owner